Marcus Hiles’ Dallas Properties Provide Affordable Luxury to Renters

August 16, 2016

based Western Rim Property Services has become the authority on luxury rentals in Texas, due to its reputation for building attractive and affordable homes. Since its founding in 1990, the driving force behind the development company has been Hiles’ vision to provide exclusive amenities and elegant design at competitive prices, a formula behind the creation of more than 15,000 magnificently built upmarket homes across the Lone Star state. From the resort-style character of the Mansion brand townhomes to the spacious and contemporary apartments of the Towers developments, Hiles’ rental properties are unmatched in style, quality, convenience and value. Within close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, developments occupy expansive areas of natural beauty in the towns of Aubrey, Frisco, and Sachse. Those who call the Estates 3Eighty in Aubrey home take full advantage of the community’s scenic location, enjoying its on-site park, jogging trail and swimming...

Marcus Hiles Founder of Western Rim Property Services Brings Elegance to Eco-Friendly Living

August 15, 2016

To the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, sophisticated design and ecologically responsible housing are mutually important. The innovative real estate developer who singlehandedly altered the Texas real estate market with his creation of luxury apartments and townhomes has maintained the highest standards for protecting the environment. With upscale rentals that are seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape, utilizing sustainably minded building practices and featuring state-of-the-art, energy-efficient amenities; has made elegance eco-friendly. In all of the communities built and managed by throughout the Lone Star state, residents enjoy resort-style living and upgraded conveniences. From the rich wood and Italian marble flooring to the cooling radiant barrier roofing in the attics of Western Rim’s Estates, Towers and Mansions brand properties, lavish interiors and green construction go hand in hand. The striking design of extra-tall, dual pane...

Marcus Hiles Dallas Real Estate Mogul Names Texas the Development Capital of USA

August 14, 2016

property investor, has witnessed the housing boom of Texas real estate first-hand. The prominent and respected founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services has developed more than 15,000 luxury townhomes and apartments across the state, with many of his signature upmarket units located within proximity to metropolitan areas in North Texas. Though Hiles focuses on building high-end rentals with many amenities, the sheer popularity of his own communities, which include the Mansions, Estates, and Towers brands, have lead him to call the Lone Star state, “the Development Capital of America.” Hiles’s assessment is accurate: ABC News 8 in Dallas-Fort Worth reported that new homes are being constructed at their fastest pace in nearly a decade. s concurs with Hiles as well, pointing out that the rise in Texan manufacturing and tech jobs has lead to an overall population increase, especially in the Austin and San Antonio metro centers. But those cities...

Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc now helping individuals to get our of Debt

August 12, 2016

In uncertain times, the road to debt freedom has never been more travelled (or more needed) Canadian firm leads charge for those seeking professional, expert advice As the world economy continues to take homeowners, business owners, or anyone carrying debt on a serious roller coaster ride through uncertain times, record numbers of people are seeking strategies to reduce or eliminate their debt as quickly as possible. This is where comes in. The Canadian-based consultancy is just one of many firms in North America that has become recognized as a leader in the field of debt solution. “Any way you look at it, if you have debt, you are at the mercy of your debtors, and this obviously concerns people in a rocky economic situation,” [Todd Sheriff] says. “We understand this, and we want our clients out of this situation as badly as they do, and we do not stop working until our client’s goals are met or exceeded.”

Taylor Auto Sales announces The Grand Opening of its new downtown location

August 16, 2016

Taylor Auto Sales has announced that it will expand its used car dealership operation with the addition of a new location in downtown Phoenix at 1620 N 19th Ave. The new location is in addition the original location in El Mirage at 11909 NW Grand Ave. Taylor Auto Sales specializes in retailing the best pre-owned cars and trucks at the best prices in the area. In August 2013, Taylor Auto Sales opened their first dealership in El Mirage and because of their easy way of dealing, friendly sales staff and Easy Financing, they soon realized that they needed a second location to handle the demand.  “We are very thankful by the response our great customers show by bringing their friends and family to buy from us again,” states Taylor Auto Sales owner Tex Taylor, “and as a result, we’re expanding our dealership to offer this new convenient downtown location complete with a full service department. Taylor Auto Sales is offering special...

Marten Advisory Group Announces “Security in Today’s World” Panel Discussion

August 11, 2016

In light of recent events all over our country we see the increasing need to take safety measures to ensure we are both protected and prepared to handle violent attacks domestically. For decades the US has always been a beacon of hope to countries around the world for being a safe haven from violence. In so many countries the world over, governments have been dealing with keeping a watchful eye against attacks with guns and bombs. It is common place for them to see armed police in public places standing at the ready. For so long we have benefited from a sense of security that the thought of someone carrying out a fully armed attack on public schools was something inconceivable. We now find ourselves at a time in our nation’s history where we are behind the rest of the world in being able to provide adequate security and protection to our children. Seeing what has recently transpired in Aventura, West Palm Beach, Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando,...

SaberTek, Inc. first to deliver silicon proven LTE UE transceiver IP for LTE CAT-M to CAT-4 for IoT market

August 15, 2016

SaberTek has delivered the first silicon proven LTE UE RF IP complete Transceiver, AFE and GPS, to support 3GPP release 12 and 13 category-M to category-4.   “SaberTek, Inc. is the only IP company with silicon proven transceiver IPs for LTE applications. We have been working with leading technology partners, to meet the needs for ultra-low-power and low-cost RF IP for all IoT related wireless standards including LTE, Wi-Fi, BTE, and Zigbee which are absolutely critical to the successful adoption of wireless IoT markets”, says Dr. Farbod Behbahani , CEO and Founder of SaberTek, Inc. SBR7040 and SBR7020 are SaberTek 3rd generation of LTE IP transceiver, the first two LTE transceiver IPs are already in production. SaberTek Transceiver, AFE, and PA IPs are highly portable, programmable, and customizable to fit the needs of various customers and applications. With ultra-low power consumption wireless IPs, SaberTek has targeted low-power...

Separation of Church & State: "Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting an Establishment of Religion"

August 13, 2016

“America’s founders did not intend for there to be a separation of God and state, as shown by the fact that all 50 states acknowledged God in their state constitutions,” says Bill Federer,, 8-11-16, citing also the song, America the Beautiful that acknowledges God’s blessing on America, But citing a song or a preamble for states’ constitutions does not mean they respect an establishment of religion. What Federer (Catholic) does not understand is the treacherous course of history that America’s founders knew—that many if not most early Americans risked death at sea and starvation in a brave New World in order to flee the papal persecution and even martyrdom in their most exalted form of worship—the “Auto de Fe”—act of faith in which a heretic was burned at the stake. Why? For owning a Bible which our current pope says is “,” and yes, he is pushing for a law that respects an establishment...

Game Troopers announce a big new offer for their favorite robot game Afterloop

August 13, 2016

The Spanish publisher Game Troopers just announce an offer on his favorite robot game, Afterloop, selling it with a 50% discount ( only for 2.49 € ) for the next seven days. For this special situation, they have announced the offer to their followers through his social media channels, media, and website, making some expectation about the discount. If you are interested, hurry up and go to the Windows store, because the offer will remain in the store only for seven days. After these seven days offer, the game returns to its normal prize, up to 4.99€ like when it was released. Afterloop is a puzzle game where we are a little space robot, named PR8, who is stuck in a time loop since over 50 years, and is lost on the labyrinths of the space station where he lives. But one day, the pattern of the labyrinths change, and PR8 has to resolve every puzzle he finds to open an exit. If you like puzzles, sci-fi, electromagnetism, and robot stories, Afterloop...

IV Vitamin Therapy Philadelphia: IV Me MD Offers A Menu Of Vitamin And Mineral IV's To The Greater Philadelphia Area

August 11, 2016

IV Me MD, the first and leading IV therapy-focused practice in Philadelphia, announces the availability of a variety of  selections. Daniel Lebowitz MD, owner of IV Me MD says, "Vitamin IV therapy is a great way to feel better, sooner.  If you are sick with cold or flu, IV fluid infused with high levels of vitamins and minerals can help many people get back on their feet--and back on their game.  You can hydrate more quickly and more efficiently through an IV than by drinking.  Also, you can achieve much higher systemic levels of vitamins and minerals via iv.  In addition to colds and flu,these IV vitamin and mineral solutions can help if you are hung over, jet-lagged, are seeking a mental or physical performance edge, or even if you want to give your skin a radiant glow." IV Me MD's selection of  has been specifically formulated by Dr. Lebowitz to unleash powerful wellness effects geared toward specific situations. The...

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